BringPass Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability

This section establishes the scope of the terms and conditions, specifying that they apply to all users of the platform.

2. Definitions
Clearly defines key terms and expressions used throughout the document.

3. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
Explains that users must agree to and accept the terms and conditions to use the platform, and it addresses the user's legal capacity and eligibility to use the platform.

4. User and User’s Account:
Describes the registration process and user account details, including obligations and responsibilities related to personal information and account security.

5. Payments
Covers various aspects of payments, including fees, commissions, and refund policies.

6. Customer Protection Program
Details a program that provides certain protections to buyers, including refunds and replacements, under specific conditions.

7. Prohibited Actions
Enumerates actions that are strictly forbidden on the platform, outlining what users should refrain from doing.

8. Intellectual Property and Personal Data Protection
Addresses intellectual property rights and user data protection, including licensing of user-generated content and privacy-related details.

9. Liability
Outlines the platform's limited liability in specific situations, particularly emphasizing the user's responsibility for actions and compliance with terms.

10. Complaints Procedure
Explains how users can file complaints related to the platform's services and how these complaints will be resolved.

11. Affiliate Program
Introduces an affiliate program, specifying terms and conditions for users who wish to participate.

It's important to note that these terms and conditions are quite comprehensive and tailored to the needs of your specific platform. Before implementing them, consider consulting with a legal professional to ensure they align with local and international laws and meet your specific business requirements. Additionally, you may want to include a clause about the effective date of these terms and conditions and provide a clear way for users to acknowledge their acceptance, such as a checkbox during the registration process.

12. Hardware Products

Hardware products are sold based on the terms mentioned in their descriptions. Availability of hardware products is subject to change without responsibility from the platform. Legal ownership of hardware products is not transferred to the user. The platform is not liable for claims or losses related to hardware product agreements, unless local consumer protection laws apply. The presentation of hardware products on the platform is an invitation to contract, not a sales offer. Prices should be accurate and include applicable taxes and fees. Users can only be charged actual shipping costs. Hardware product descriptions must include information about additional costs like shipping and taxes. Users are responsible for reading and meeting all hardware product requirements and restrictions. Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information when placing an order.

13. Prohibited Items

Certain items are prohibited for sale, including explicit adult content, alcoholic beverages, animals and wildlife products, counterfeit items, drugs and drug paraphernalia, firearms and weapons, and more. Hardware product descriptions must not contain inappropriate or unlawful content. Pre-sale hardware product descriptions should specify the order completion time. Users should not be persuaded to buy hardware products outside the platform.

14. Delivery

The platform is not involved in hardware product delivery. Delivery charges are not included in the prices and will vary based on location and method. Hardware product descriptions should specify when products will be shipped. Delivery is available only to certain locations specified in the product descriptions. If shipment time exceeds 30 days, the user can cancel the order and receive a refund.

15. Returns

Users can withdraw from hardware product purchases within 14 days without justification. Users will be reimbursed within 14 days of withdrawal, excluding additional delivery costs. Users are responsible for returning the product in good condition and original packaging. Return costs are the user's responsibility.

16. Complaints on Hardware Products

Hardware products should be free from defects unless stated otherwise in descriptions. Users with complaints about defects should inform the platform and return the product. Users may request price reduction or withdrawal from the purchase, or replacement/repair of the defective product. Complaints should be processed within 14 days. Warranty for defects may not apply if the user is not a consumer under applicable laws.

17. Vouchers

Promotional vouchers or codes may be offered. Users must have an account to use vouchers. Voucher balance is valid for a maximum of 2 years. Vouchers cannot be sold, exchanged, or converted to cash.

18. Final Provisions

The agreement between the user and the platform is indefinite. Either party can terminate the agreement with notice. The platform can terminate the agreement for gross violations. Contact with the platform administration should be via email or phone. The terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Malta. Invalid or ineffective provisions will be replaced with valid ones. Please note that these are summaries, and for legal purposes or detailed information, you should refer to the full document and consider consulting with a legal professional if needed.